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Dealing Technology Limited (DTL) offer software development and systems consulting services primarily to the banking and financial services sectors.

We provide technical skills and business expertise to complement or extend your existing plans and projects. We offer flexible terms of engagement to suit a wide range of needs and budgets.

Please look at our Products and Services pages for further insight into DTL's activities, and of course feel free to contact us with any questions.


Dealing Technology (DTL) offer various products for sale, lease, pay-by-usage or pay-by-advertising. We have extensive experience in taking existing, often part-complete, projects or systems and building them to completion and launch. We then brand, service, support and grow/evolve in respond to client demand.

Most of these products have evolved from our work with clients and from a resultant shared perception of a need to create and deliver elements that are of relevance beyond the domain of a single client. We are always on the lookout for joint product development and evolution possibilities, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how your ideas and existing systems might be profitably extended through working with DTL.

We are eager users and proponents of open-source software. We have a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience of how best to benefit from the magnificent symbiosis offered by the world of open source, whilst maintaining commercial interests such that some fair return is achieved for your contribution.

For details of our products, or to discuss your how we might fulfil your requirements, please contact us directly.


We provide pure technical services, business-specialities, and management services. We also provide a variety of related support services to complement our primary service offering.

Many of our staff have skills, expertise and knowledge that span more than one of these sections, and we believe that this is a core characteristic of our offering to you: we combine, for example, profound knowledge of banking products with extensive programming ability. Often, the same person that is speaking intelligently and questioningly with you will later be writing the program code that embodies your requirements, and yet later, helping ensure a successful deployment. We believe that end-to-end responsibility should ideally be vested in the same individual(s): from inception to delivery and then support and subsequent evolution.


Dealing Technology offer a variety of technical support services, usually but not exclusively to complement our product or service offerings: help-desk service (on- or off-site); telephone, email and remote-login support; system health-check and health-monitoring; deployment/roll-out assistance; planned and emergency maintenance and upgrade work for both DTL-provided and third-party software and hardware; software, hardware and network troubleshooting; white hat (non-malicious) security review and penetration testing.

Our support services operate 24h/365d from each of our three support centres and can be tailored to meet your exact service level, availability and geographic-coverage requirements. Our support service is offered primarily in English language, but other languages may be available upon request.

Our support service is provided by genuinely knowledgeable and experienced technicians, meaning that you will get refreshingly informed and intelligent assistance from the very first person with whom you make contact.


+44 20 3432 5558

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